Top 5 Startups That Have Success in 2018

The 21st century is a time of new technologies and achievements. Millions of people work to create something new. And this new changes our world. Many ideas take shape in the form of startups.

Let’s tell about 5 successful startups that will definitely improve our world. These projects are chosen by experts that believed in those companies so much they invested.

The first startup is an Artificially intelligent dashcam for vehicles provided by Nauto which makes a cloud-based, artificially intelligent, networked camera for vehicles. It helps to identify dangers to drivers, provides feedback at the end of trips, and also analyzes the cause of accidents to reduce false liability claims. Nauto is rethinking transportation safety by using AI.

The next project which must be considered is a Startup taking on quantum computing managed by Rigetti Computing. Rigetti Computing is developing technology to help usher in a new kind of powerful computer known as quantum computing. The startup is building a business from scratch to build a quantum computing chip.

Another startup with great future is Stopping voice fraudsters of Pindrop. Pindrop is used by call centers to analyzes a person's voice and detect fraud. It can even determine if a voice is real or generated by a computer. They are detecting unprecedented amounts of phone fraud and saving leading financial institutions tens of millions of dollars annually.

A really advanced startup is Relativity Space with 3D printing rockets. It is an automated rocket building factory making low-cost rockets to bring down the cost of transporting things into space. And they've managed to build the world's largest 3D printer with relatively little funding.

And the last project is Reflektive. It offers performance review software that is integrated into other productivity apps like Outlook, Slack, Gmail. Enables managers to have a real-time checklist of performance goals and objectives for each of their direct reports. For employees it gives them a running record.

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