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Customer Phone number imageRhapsody Customer Service Phone Number
866-597-5505 is the customer service phone number of the Rhapsody. customer service number enables the customers of the Rhapsody company to convey their complaints or suggestions. If you want to reach a live person, you have to follow below steps :
This is a direct number to a live customer service rep
You can contact the Rhapsody customer service via customer service phone number, customer service email, website of Rhapsody as well as refer to nearest Rhapsody service center in your area. Customer service centre operates from Mon-Fri:6am-6pm PT, Sat-Sun: 7:30am?5pm PT,You can also contact Rhapsody customer service center through customer service email, the complete contact detail of customer service centre are shown below.
Live person number for customer service: 866-597-5505

Working hours: Mon-Fri:6am-6pm PT, Sat-Sun: 7:30am?5pm PT,
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Website: rhapsody.com
Rhapsody International Inc. is a standalone company providing on-demand music streaming services to the world. It is the world’s first music streaming service Provider Company offering services in 34 countries. The company was formed in 2007 and has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It also has its offices in San Francisco, New York, Brazil, and Germany. According to reports, Rhapsody had more than 750,000 subscribers in 2011. However, the company hasn’t disclosed its current subscriber base anywhere. Mike Davis is the current CEO of Rhapsody International Inc. Other members of the board include: Anders Evju, who is the Vice President for the Americas region; and Thorsten Schliesche, who is the Executive Vice President for Europe. The platform brings more than 30 million licensed songs of famous singers under one roof, which Rhapsody members can enjoy add-free from the confines of their homes or while on move—provided they have a functional Internet connection. They get a choice to listen to music across various genres: pop, rock, punk, hip-hop, soul/R and B, country, jazz, electronica/dance, Christian/Gospel, Latin, metal, world, reggae, classical, oldies, blues, folk, vocal/easy listening, soundtracks/musicals, and comedy/spoken word. The company was recently rechristened as Napster, and is now online available at us.napster.com. This recent change was done to form one global brand across all 34 countries, reads the company website. One must note, Napster is a paid service. Users can choose between unRadio and Premier plans, which cost $4.99 and $9.99 monthly respectively. Napster Premier members can not only listen to music of their choice but also get the freedom to download unlimited number of songs on their Windows, iOS or Android devices.
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