Humana Customer Service Phone Number

Customer Phone number imageHumana Customer Service Phone Number
866-445-7211 is the customer service phone number of the Humana. customer service number enables the customers of the Humana company to convey their complaints or suggestions. If you want to reach a live person, you have to follow below steps :
Speak "customer service" 4 times to get to a customer service rep
You can contact the Humana customer service via customer service phone number, customer service email, website of Humana as well as refer to nearest Humana service center in your area. You can also contact Humana customer service center through customer service email, the complete contact detail of customer service centre are shown below.
Live person number for customer service: 866-445-7211

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Corporate office address and phone number:
Humana Inc.
500 West Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202
1-800-486-2620. About Humana is an American Health Insurance Company. Humana is a for-profit Louisville, Kentucky-based, a publically traded NYSE Company. Humana deals in Industry of managed health care. Humana was founded in Louisville, Kentucky in 1961. Headquarters of Humana is in Humana Building, Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Key people of company are David A. Jones, Sr. and Wendell Cherry, co-founders, Bruce Broussard, CEO and President. More than 52,000 employees are working for Humana. Online is website used by Company. As per their record of 2014, Humana is having customer exposure of more than 13 million customers in United States. In nation, it is the 3rd largest Insurance provider company. In Fortune 500 list, it has been ranked on 73th position. Tagline used for Humana healthcare and health insurance services is ‘Guidance when you need it most’. In 1961 Humana was established as a Nursing Home Company which became largest nursing home company in US. Later in 1972, this Nursing home Company was sold to purchase hospitals. Then in 1974, corporate name was given to this organisation as Humana Inc. In 1980, when Arizona hospital of Humana lost contract with health Maintenance Company, then Humana proposed their health Insurance Plan. Being the Hospital Operator in 1993, Humana became largest hospital operator by owning 77 hospitals and later other many of milestones added to history of Company. For Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) and Medicare Advantage (MA) marketing, an education campaign was launched by Humana. A national mail-order retail pharmacy business, Right Source, was also launched by Humana in same year. Humana was named in 5 Fortune Magazine for Most Admired Healthcare Companies in the United States in March 2008.
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