Hyundai Blue Link Customer Service Contact Number

Hyundai Blue Link offers the detail of customer service for its existing as well as potential customers that can help them in conveying their feedback of its products and services. As a customer of the Hyundai Blue Link, if you face any query, feedback, complaint or suggestions related to its products and services then you can contact the Hyundai Blue Link customer service team through its contact detail, email id as well as customer service number that may or may not be tollfree. Hyundai Blue Link has shown its customer service address detail for its customers that are shown below.
Address detail : United, States.
customer service number : (800) 633-5151
Hyundai Blue Link Customer Service Number

Email address : [email protected]
Below, we are showing a complaint box, where you can post your experiences, complaints, queries, feedback or any type of problem related to the products and services of the Hyundai Blue Link.
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Comments (6) on Hyundai Blue Link

Murat Karagoz:

I want to use blue link. My car Sonata sport 2016 model. This car I new bought Hyundai of long island. New York sell. I need help. My English isn't very well. Thanks Murat Karagoz my cell phone number: 646 981 8433. email: [email protected]Posted on Sep 11, 2016

Barbi Grant:

I am beyond furious with Hyundai Blue link, you have taken money out of my account after I canceled your service in Dec after the so called free 30 days when I purchased my car, you went into my account without authorization once again and took money. Out of my account and took money I need to live on. I am on one income and you have gone to far and now. I have no money for food or gas. When I spoke with someone in Dec and was assured this would not happen again it did. I don't have 24 to 48 hrs for it to go back in my account. I am ready to contact a lawyer for the stress you have caused me not once but twice. The first time was 149.00 now 99.00. To a one person income that's a lot. As I sit with no money I hope you have enjoyed your holiday weekend I am unable to go get food for the work week ahead if I use my card I get Charged overdraft fees. This is un-excusable for the second time. You have caused so much stress to me like I said. I have talked to my father about contacting his lawyer. I had surgery on my arm and unable to get my antibiotics and medication because of your mistaPosted on Sep 04, 2016

Roosevelt Palmer:

I'm emailing you because you guys took some money out of my account and I would like to know why. And will you please get in touch with me as soon as possible...Posted on Aug 08, 2016

Jerome Wichinsky:

I keep receiving notifications from Blue Link for a car I no longer lease. How do I remove this car from. Blue Link records?Posted on May 29, 2016

Jennifer Maxwell:

Will not let me sign in through my phone just laptop. I've reset password over 4 to 5 different times. Still no luck. I've had this for 6 Mon already and haven't been able to use.Posted on Apr 12, 2016

Nancy Figueiredo:

I just received a notice from my credit card company that a charge of $148.64 was charged to me from you I have no idea what for an what gives you the authority without notifying me first Please issue a credit until you notify me what this is forPosted on Nov 21, 2015